OSU Ocean Robots

The Group


The Group:

Jonathan Nash

Jonathan leads ROSS engineering developments and its scientific program.  

June Marion

June is a mechanical engineer and has a masters in Atmospheric Science.  She leads our technical group, both in deploying moorings and other instruments at sea, and in fabrications of turbulence sensors and robotic boats when at home.  Check out her video from the Tasman Tidal Dissipation Experiment.    

Nick McComb

Nick is an OSU EE/robotics student who has led the electronics design and fabrication for ROSS. 

Rebecca Jackson

Becca is post-doc here at OSU who studies ocean-ice interaction.  She received her PhD at WHOI with Fiamma Straneo and we’re thrilled to have her here to help us understand ice-ocean interactions at LeConte Glacier, Alaska.

Andy Pickering

Andy is a post-doc who is focussing on the interpretation of global mixing data from our CTD-chipods.  He also takes a lead in processing data acquired from our remotely operated platforms like ROSS.

Jasmine Nahorniak

Jasmine is CEOAS tech, programmer and data analyst who is working with our group to create the central control system for navigation and scientific data acquisition, and to implement short and long-range communications via 900 MHz and Iridium channels

Robert Shannon

Robert is an EE undergrad student who is working with us through the MECOP program here at OSU.  He’s focused on electrical control aspects of our robotic winch, helping with navigation systems and scientific instrument implementation.

We also get lots of help from Ben Russell, our CEOAS machine shop coordinator, Dylan Thrush and Brendan (Onn Lim) Yong, both OSU underdgrads.


Jim Moum, Bill Smyth, Emily Shroyer and myself often work closely together, along with students and postdocs as part of the Ocean Mixing Group.

Other Colleagues:

I collaborate with many other researchers, including Matthew Alford, Jen MacKinnon and Geno Pawlak (Scripps), Jody Klymak (UVic), Harper Simmons (UAF)...